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AGENT presents - EOSkate
A paper skateboard

Invited by EOS México, AGENT developed a skateboard made out of recycled paper from a wrongly-printed batch of the Lara brothers retrospective book.

EOS México, a Guadalajara-based design firm founded by brothers Mauricio and Sebastian Lara, recently presented a book showing 10-years of their work, published by Arquine publishing house.

While printing the books, the first batch went wrong, so the publishing house ended up with several hundreds of (somehow) useless books. The Lara brothers turned this “error” into a design opportunity and invited 11 designers/firms to create objects using the books as a raw material, and gave 6 to 10 books to each invitee.

Alberto Villarreal and his team at AGENT, started brainstorming about what to do with the books they got. Roughed out several ideas and ended up designing a skateboard made out of paper mixed with resin.

AGENT saw this as an opportunity to experiment with materials and applied a non-linear "A to B" process for the design.

The fact that the book itself has so much color in the pages encouraged the team to play up the graphic content, and after experimenting with the paper (cutting, folding, weaving, mixing), and analyzing its properties, a new creative path was taken.

In this video interview Alberto Villarreal talks about the design process.

The full list of invited designers included:
Alberto Villarreal / AGENT, Ariel Rojo, Cecilia León de la Barra, Emiliano Godoy, Héctor Esrawe, Jorge Moreno, Marcela Compeán, Mariano García, Ricardo Casas, Giovanni Estrada, José Alfredo Silva.

The pieces were exhibited at the Comex showroom in Polanco, Mexico City.



Creative Direction: Alberto Villarreal
Design Team: Isaac Smeke, Tom Pelzer, Felipe Castañeda
Prototype Manufacturing: AGENT & Manolo Serranía.
Photos: Isaac Smeke, Alberto Villarreal

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